Arabesque of Love


by Maher Kheir

ISBN 978-1-875934-65-2
92 Pages
Price: AUS$22.00 (GST inc)

I am enchanted and moved by Raghid Nahhas' translation of Maher Kheir's imaginatively sensuous poetry.
The collection as a whole reads like a Scheherazade of passionate love letters, invoking a dazzling range of images, similes and symbols.
Whilst Kheir's poetry is recognisably written in the great tradition of Arab literature, it possesses a highly individual style. In its exotic eroticism it remains above all eminently accessible to readers of a different culture.
Nahhas' translation is to be commended: it proves sensitive, intuitive and poetically empathetic throughout. Maher Kheir is a fine poet and reading this compilation is truly a joy.
Congratulations on an excellent collection of poetry, prepared by an equally outstanding translator!

Manfred Jurgensen