Dreams and Roses


by Paddy Dewan

ISBN 978-1-875934-60-7
43 Pages
Price: AUS$19.80 (GST inc)

Paddy has travelled the world seeing the dreams of others and chasing his own rainbows. The book intends to inspire readers to smell the roses and beware of their thorns, while opening a window to expressions of passion and caring.

There is something strangely moving and haunting in the words of a man who has spent many years behind the poverty line healing the underprivileged with the steady hands of a surgeon but whose keen eyes and tender heart also have the perception to pen with the bravery, compassion and portraiture of a true artist.

Keith Armitage (Singer/Songwriter)

The poems in Paddy Dewan's second collection are tightly woven, emotional and gutsy. They reflect his love of nature, the outdoors, love and life, hope and salvation. When you get a poet - you are getting a moment of life. Dreams and Roses is full of such moments. Be inspired by the poetry in Paddy Dewan's life as he shares these moments of intensity with you. It takes great passion to write. There will be more to read from this emerging writer, so stay tuned.

Sally Spalding (Journalist/Poet)