Man In Violet


by Marta Sybaczynsky

ISBN 978-1-875934-55-3
175 Pages
Price: AUS$22.00 (GST inc)

Yarema Sharey embarks on a holiday to Patonga. There he meets Claude Thornton, the 'man in violet.'
A bond develops between the two men, a series of meetings and discussions take place, where Yarema learns of the nature of Claude's life problem.
As a witness to Claude's story, Yarema's presence provides the element in the alchemy that will transform Claude from a man in bondage to a being free to explore his own uniqueness.

The story unravels the conflict between an Australian father and son as seen through the eyes of a young man from Europe who brings a fresh analysis to an old problem.
Sometimes, in the context of human affairs, a new perspective must be realised before growth can take place.
Then false certainties can be challenged, bitterness questioned and rage replaced with realism.