Oz Tale Sweet and Sour


by Leo Xi Rang Liu

ISBN 978-1-875934-35-5
230 Pages
Price: AUS$22.00 (GST inc)

The author's journalist's eye for detail, his wielding of a trenchant pen leavened by humour, philosophy and the cultural confusion that he observed provide the material for this timely book of a Chinese migrant's view of Australia.

Oz Tale Sweet and Sour travels the difficult and often humorous ground of cultural difference. Love, language and politics are brought together in Liu's novel, the first to be translated into English.
Andrea Goldsmith

An extremely well crafted and enjoyable novel that paints the reality of Chinese students digging for their 'golden' dream life in Australia in strokes that are both humorous and poignant.
Dr Tongtao Zheng

'From the author's pen we get a sense of the exquisiteness of tragedy in love, and an underlying philosophy in the affairs of ordinary mortals that gives a distillation of the historical and cultural background to Australian customs and social conditions. We can be grateful for the book. It is easy to see why Chinese migrants bring such book with them to Australia.'
Wang Xiao Yu in Melbourne Chinese Stories