Your Name Is My Memory

by Khalid al-Hilli

ISBN 978-1-875934-70-6
72 Pages
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I admire the flow of these poems. I’m told Arabic is a beautiful language when spoken and these poems are extremely lyrical in English, in this translation. There are many good images. “... the night is a black shadow, playing across the road.”
I like the surreal element in much of the poetry. Even when he is obscure, there is often a beauty that tantalises me. I want to be able to penetrate the poems further. I like the emotional journeys he goes on, often in the night in his half-awake dreams. “We are both sleepless memories/Each is searching for another.”

Eileen Marshall

Khalid al-Hilli seems to me a romantic poet in pain, witnessing the suffering of humanity, and wanting to express his sorrow explicitly in his poems for the receiver to grasp it as it is. His imagery and expressions, however, do not reflect the poet’s sadness as much as they reflect the strangeness and harshness of this world.

Dr. Sadiq Altryhe, Al-Qadisiyah University, Iraq