All In Time


by Brian Edwards

ISBN 978-1-875934-43-0
124 Pages
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Concerned throughout with processes of time and memory, All in Time is divided into four parts. Part I consists of a variety of poems that have literature, painting and aesthetics as their reference field. Part II is 'Glenorchy' a long poem based upon a town in the Wimmera district of Victoria. Part III presents a number of 'travel' writings, pieces that address experience in various parts of the world. And Part IV returns the focus to Australia, mostly. The collection deals self-consciously with language, exploring always those resources of rhetoric and form through which we attempt to understand and to create experience.

'Affable, hospitable, vivacious - Brian Edwards' poems, by turns lyrical in cast and democratically epic in spirit, beguile and stir the reader.'
Peter Steele

'"For time gets us all" says Brian Edwards in the incisive title poem of his first collection. Against this dark ground Edwards cuts a brilliant figure, revealing moments from a life devoted to art and memory. We see Monet "feeling colour through his fingertips" and, like that great painter, find ourselves caught between life and representations of life, each a lens for the other.'
Kevin Hart

'Brian Edwards' delight in excess makes him a Whitman of the twenty-first century. He is the poet of a new version of celebratory joy. He reimagines the cornucopia.'
Robert Kroetsch

'The most arresting feature of this unusual collection is the "Glenorchy" sequence that forms its core?a sustained act of mnemonic retrieval, recreating the texture of childhood in a bygone rural community. Brian Edwards draws together an impressive range of heterogeneous detail as he sketches the contours of a young boy's experience, in which ordinary local events become coloured by all kinds of literary fantasy. On either side of the "Glenorchy" section are poems that develop more elaborately this bookish sense of the impingement of multitudinous images on everyday situations.'
Ian Reid