Bushfire Behaviour


by Denis O'Bryan

ISBN 978-1-875934-52-2
477 Pages - Set of 2 Volumes
Price: AUS$69.50 (GST inc)

The book is a one stop shop about bushfire behaviour and its prediction that puts the studies of past and current masters in perspective. It is a big step forward in the progress of the science of bushfire behaviour and prediction. It is designed to encourage enquiry and scrutiny. It is transparent. Findings are explained and are either backed by research or by theories that explain what is going on, theories that will eventually be tested and either confirmed or revised. This is how the science will progress.
Learn how much we know and how much more there is to learn. Learn the principles and theories of the science of bushfire behaviour and bushfire behaviour prediction. They make the science easier to learn, to explain and to teach. They will guide future research and enquiry.
Learn how to explain and study bushfire behaviour in any fuel type or any vegetation type with the bushfire behaviour framework.
Learn why grass fires behave the way they do, learn how a flame behaves in a forest, learn how flame can burn in elevated layers of live foliage.
Learn how weather influences bushfires.
Learn how to predict bushfire behaviour in any fuel type or vegetation type with user-friendly prediction charts.