Curving My Eyes to Almonds



by Liat Kirby

ISBN 978-1-875934-34-8
89 Pages
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Curving My Eyes to Almonds comprises many fragments that move toward change to make up a whole. The tonality and style of each poem reflect a particular stage in the journey, the different movements, like music, enacting points of change.

Raghid Nahhas sees the poetry as a combination of the sensual and the ultimately abstract. The poems are 'poems of fire and water', depicted in a simple yet complex manner. Body and spirit alternate in being burned and cooled repeatedly. The words chosen are each by itself so concrete and familiar, yet the combination is so abstract and ethereal. And so is water: a couple of simple atoms creating one of the most complex chemicals. And so is fire: an ultimate expression of energy latent in unassuming matter.

Kirby's poems journey us through an ancient landscape of spaces and stones, milk and honey, demon and G-d. Quietly navigating a rare dialogue between words and silence, this poetry shows us that all things are connected - the huge desert, a single hibiscus. They quicken in the belly, quite physically, as one reads.
Jordie Albiston

Poems that explore the contours of memory and longing, the twilight valleys that haunt our dreams, and the hidden prompting of a destiny shadowing us whether we know it or not. Kirby writes with tenderness, and a sharp ear for the restless dialogues of the soul.
Alex Skovron

Revelling in the rhythms of history and the life of the body - these wonderfully sensuous poems sing with the music of stone, flower, skin and moon.
Deb Westbury