Walking Through A Real Fantasy


by Paddy Dewan

ISBN 978-1-875934-57-7
40 Pages
Price: AUS$19.80 (GST inc)

These poems are evocative, in particular those responding to events such as ‘Hillsborough’ and ‘Chelyabinsk’. Some are no more than fragments, immediate responses to sudden thoughts daring us to confront unacknowledged concerns of our society. Though initial reading may produce an overwhelming sense of sadness, returning to the poems brings a more positive view.
Maggie Hammerton

. . . a collection of poems that will appeal to the devoted poetry reader and to the reader who has always thought: ‘poetry is not for me.’ The poems are contemporary and modern and appeal to a wide range of interests. Dewan shows a deep insight into the human condition and the full range of human emotions. Well worth a read!
Ann Williams

With subjects as varied as their settings - an Australian Rules stadium, disaster scenes or suburbia - the poems in this first collection of Paddy Dewan display a directness and focus that is compelling.