Hermit Woman and Butterfly


by Clarissa Stein

ISBN 978-1-875934-51-5
82 Pages
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Mindful of history, these poems present very effective intersections of cultures and times and languages. They are full of surprises - those insights, understandings and explorations that remind us of human variety.
Brian Edwards

These are poems of new life, the forward movement in time caught in a startling phrase: 'I've seen this face to-morrow'. It is life informed by earlier years and experience - father, towns in Europe, the gift of languages. Stein's muse is versatile: amid the resurgence of memory come calls of conscience, the undertone of grief.
Judith Rodriguez

Clarissa Stein's poems outstare the madness of history and politics, often by focussing on how celebrated events impinge on the rhythms of mundane life. They display generosity of spirit, acerbic wit and unpre-tentious zeal.
Dominique Hecq