Letters from Lita


by Felicity Stehlik

ISBN 978-1-875934-48-5
119 Pages
Price: AUS$18.70 (GST inc)

Letters from Lita is part of a trilogy. Stehlik?s first book, Oranges and Apparitions, was influenced by her spiritual growth. At the End of the Rainbow, her second book, describes her involvement with nature on her hobby farm and present home.
Letters from Lita cover Stehlik?s personal development during her years of education and subsequent struggle with life—formed by exposure to three political systems and diverse religious and ethnic influences. The letters are arranged in biographical order.
She writes from a far reaching experience gained from war, death, grief and ongoing life. In her writing, Stehlik portrays the woman and the migrant having lost loved ones as well as her homeland and gaining a new life in a far away country.
Stehlik embraces family, history, political convictions and religious beliefs. Through Letters from Lita the readers are introduced to a powerful and intense struggle of the mind, the body and the soul.