The Maisonettes


by Deborah Miller

ISBN 978-1-875934-41-6
185 Pages
Price: AUS$19.80 (GST inc)

In 1971 the world was waking up.
Even sleepy Antipodean suburbs were touched. It was a time when people stopped and looked at each other - the child at the adult, the adult at the child - and, for a moment, saw themselves.
In The Maisonettes, fragments of individual stories converge within a momentary lapse of time, then part to rejoin the paths of their parallel lives.

'A strangely alluring tale that shivers on the edges of intuition, where the mysteries of time - and the contours of becoming - intersect with what, out of sheer habit, we call reality.'
Alex Skovron

'This is a well written book, not surprising after Miller's small masterpiece The Company of Words. Other readers, like myself, will be intrigued, and the dwellers of the Maisonettes will not easily be forgotten.'
Doris Sharp