The Meadow Vale File

by Douglas Lloyd

ISBN 978-1-875934-50-8
157 Pages
Price: AUS$19.80 (GST inc)

Big business eyes Meadow Vale, Stan Meadows? farm. Stan is passionate about retaining it, but then his sheep are poisoned. Bankruptcy looms.
Who did it?
The mystery deepens.
A hypnotist and a clair-voyant, Stan, and other characters convey thought-provoking ideas. The tension mounts...
Finally a lead. The story catapults to an enthralling climax.

"Take a salt of the earth farmer... He doesn't get angry when business people try every bad angle, his wife gets sick, his dam is poisoned and he is set up in a drug racket.
They say... 'All's Fair in Love, War and Business.'
Will it all turn out well?
Find out...
Read this story".

Tricia Veale