Nandana and Irises

by Paddy Dewan

ISBN 978-1-875934-62-1
74 Pages
Price: AUS$19.80 (GST inc)

Nandana and Irises looks to explore the individuality of every person, each event, even moments, using words, the alchemists of human emotions, to quicken the reader's heart by adding a twist of word meaning within a line, or a tincture of hope, love or pain on re-reading.

In Nandana and Irises, Paddy has explored the 'real' and the 'sinister', but he's still managed to capture the beauty of all the things that he's experienced, lived through and lived for. The poetry is mysterious, and passionate.

Jason Singh (Singer/Songwriter)

'Nandana' is Paddy's 'Dreaming' and his 'reality'. A place he not only owns, but a place that owns him. While the irises tell of a beloved family story and connection with the past, Paddy opens himself to us with this collection of poems revealing 'fruits of the spirit'. The poems that will touch your soul and arouse your feelings. Words put simply/words with complex depth. Sharing extraordinary insight and his inner being.

Rosey Bennett