Noisy Blood

by Dominique Hecq

ISBN 978-1-875934-49-2
84 Pages
Price: AUS$18.70 (GST inc)

These are stories about metamorphosis: babies transforming into poems; women into trees; and poets into dancers. They are stories to savour and linger over, tantalising puzzles that offer ever-unfolding possibilities rather than simple solutions. Hecq's writing is alive with word play, witticism and black humour.
Fiona Capp

Hecq applies her brilliant stethoscope to those moments of hiatus in language and identity, moments of sorrow, panic, bliss, terror, which pulse with new possibilities for characters and readers. ... A work of high originality and courage, which composes a new music, compelling and uncanny, by sounding the often untranslatable abyss between beings and sexes.
Marion Campbell