At the End of the Rainbow



by Felicity Stehlik

ISBN 978-1-875934-36-2
93 Pages
Price: AUS$17.60 (GST inc)

Forest, bushland, sunshine, rain and snow, have become background of these poems and stories in which Stehlik describes her life with animals. The author would not be the first being absorbed watching and observing the objects of her affection and fascination. Her stories and poems imply a deep knowledge of, and love for, animals, their nature and behaviour.An impressive book of true, often touching stories and poems, laced with humour and sometimes child-like simplicity.

At the End of the Rainbow is part of a trilogy. While the author's first book Oranges and Apparitions has been influenced by her spiritual growth, At the end of the Rainbow describes her physical involvement with nature, her environment, wildlife and her many animals. No doubt, Stehlik went through a learning process to cope with the many unfamiliar tasks of running a hobby farm. In her third book, Educating Lita, the author will tell us more about her mental development and how necessary physical involvement is to produce a well functioning unit.How involved Stehlik is with life on her farm is well documented in her poems and true stories.