Asleep in the Russian Museum


by Matt Wills

ISBN 978-1-875934-66-9
77 Pages
Price: AUS$22.00 (GST inc)

In Asleep in the Russian Museum, Matt Wills has given us a wide interpretation of the world, from intimate relationships to the vastness of nature, but always from a perspective that seeks to define our place within it all.
His unique view opens a new door to the everyday, while posing again the ancient questions, and giving us a fresh context for the answers.

“I have felt for many years that the “wall” beyond the physical is no thing more than a rice-paper screen
that a gentle push and open eyes will easily cast aside. Sometimes we just need to be encouraged to reach out our hands and look.”

Matt Wills

I love reading Matt’s poetry. It is wide-ranging but always supple, fluid and accessible, the thoughts and feelings of a man at ease with himself, onnected to the natural world around him and the people who share it. It can be humorous but never escapist and it embraces hardship and tragedy without ever lapsing into despair. Many of us will recognise where Matt is coming from.”

Peter Thompson, Film Critic