A Bucket Of Toads

by Islwyn Williams

ISBN 978-1-875934-31-7
71 Pages
Price: AUS$16.50 (GST inc)

It starts out like any other sports day. Then some party pooper toadies up and wins the glamour events; you know—the low jump, the squatting and the cockroach-eating. Can a spider win the flying race? And what about the wrestling numbat that beats its chest and eats bananas?

What's that thing with all those things upon its face? Could it be a platypus, a possum—or a toad? And what happened to the frogs around the place?

With an amazing variety of poems, puns and puzzles, this book will amuse, bemuse and simply refuse to be put down.

The world's a wondrous place—ask any Tasmanian tiger.