Watermelon On My Plate

by Paddy Dewan

ISBN 978-1-875934-67-6
33 Pages
Price: AUS$22.00 (GST inc)

Watermelon On My Plate contains many child-centered and fun concepts that will appeal to children and adults alike, especially with such marvellous illustrations.
Trish Greenway
Retired Primary School Teacher

Watermelon On My Plate is a book for children of all ages. Delightful repetitive verse for the beginner reader together with poems that will spark the imagination of the more independent reader. An excellent 'bed-time' story book. Children and adults will enjoy reading and discussing the poems and the illustrations in this book.
Ann Williams
Former Primary School Teacher

Watermelon On My Plate is a fun, thought provoking book of poetry for young and old. I love the exciting and inviting pre-sentation of the text and quirky illustrations. This book invites young readers to get excited about poetry and includes themes that children will be both interested in and able to relate to.
What a wonderful introduction to the world of poetry for children.
Trish Miller
Primary Teacher B.Tch. JP/P, M.Sp.Ed.

What a wonderful way to spark a child's imagination. With perfectly matched illustrations, Watermelon On My Plate leads young minds on an adventure of learning and wonder. Clearly written by someone who appreciates and understands the need for children to be immersed in literature. An easy and fun way to enjoy poetry.
Pauline George
Primary School Teacher