Papyrus Publishing Order Form - Fiction
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At the End of the Rainbow - AUS$17.60      
Collision Course - AUS$18.70      
Dancing from the Edge of Darkness - AUS$16.50      
Death is the Cool Night - AUS$24.20      
Ego off Lead - AUS$18.70      
I'd Rather be Laughing - AUS$16.50      
In Chloe's Secret Parts - AUS$22.00      
Jippi - AUS$19.80      
Julia - AUS$16.50      
Legacy of Love - AUS$19.80      
Letters from Lita - AUS$18.70      
Man In Violet - AUS$22.00      
Matilda Stops Walking - AUS$18.70      
Noisy Blood - AUS$18.70      
Oranges and Apparitions - AUS$16.50      
Parasites Gained - Parasites Lost - AUS$19.80      
Oz Tale Sweet and Sour - AUS$22.00      
Silver Sails - AUS$19.80      
The Book of Elsa - AUS$16.50      
The Company of Words - AUS$18.70      
The Maisonettes - AUS$19.80      
The Meadow Vale File - AUS$19.80      
The Phoenix - AUS$22.00      
Top Withins - AUS$22.00      
Watershed Years - AUS$22.00      
Wild Geese, Swans and Nightingales - AUS$22.00      
Your Good Colombian Friend - AUS$16.50      
Per copy add handling, packing & postage: AUS$5.00, overseas: AUS$10.00   
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