Australia in Muslim Discovery
This book brings together a wealth of information that without polemical volume makes its case, especially for the involvement of Muslims in what Haveric cleverly calls the 'historical re-discovering of Australia' ... This is a fascinating work which will prove a powerful weapon in the hands of those wishing to see Australian history in all its complexity, not simply as a heroic narrative of one nation's colonial enterprise.

Dr Barry W. Butcher, Associate Dean, Deakin University

Haveric's work brings together in a focused way historical material, ranging from largely unknown Arabic maps and obscure references to the very latest research. It peels away the persistent and still generally held Anglo-Centric view of Australian history by the breadth of the historical evidence it presents, and encourages and makes possible the acceptance of a more historically accurate, more culturally diverse picture of Australia's past. It naturalises Australia's present, showing how the present is historically linked to the past, and its multi-ethnic Islamic community an indivisible part of that history.

Dr Joost Coté, Senior Lecturer, Deakin University

The book appears at a particularly timely moment in Australian history. Recent events have given rise to often distorted and stereotyped representations of Islam in the media and there are particular challenges that confront Muslim immigrants in this country. The book is a timely reminder of the extent to which the history of this continent is linked to the history of Islam. It is also a reminder of the significant part that Muslim scholarship has played through the centuries in the development of geographic knowledge.

Dr Alan Thorold, Melbourne University