Non-Fiction: It Happened This Way  by Dennis Wyndham

ISBN 978-1-875934-72-3  209 Pages    AUS$22.00 (GST inc)
Fascinating, this story of endurance through hardship brought about by various family members coping with mental illnesses.  [ More ]
Non-Fiction: Bushfire Behaviour  by Denis O'Bryan

ISBN 978-1-875934-52-2  477 Pages - Set of 2 Volumes  AUS$69.50 (GST inc)
This book is a world first - the first ever comprehensive presentation of the science of bushfire behaviour. It articulates what students, researchers and practitioners around the world have wanted to know for over 40 years, but did not know how to ask. [ More ]
Non-Fiction: Australia in Muslim Discovery  by Dzavid Haveric

ISBN 978-1-876758-03-5  248 Pages AUS$49.50 (GST inc)
The challenge of the 'discovering of Australia' is associated with Australia over the course of centuries, even from ancient times. Little is known about the historical era in which the Muslim seafarers of different backgrounds participated in the re-discovery of Australia. This book for the first time brings much significant and interesting information, revealing the early Muslim exploration of Australia and an Islamic contribution to the riches of the early Australian multireligious history.  [ More ]