Submission Guidelines

We invite manuscripts for novels, biographies, poetry collections and non-fiction book-length projects, and essays, articles, short stories, reviews and poetry for the magazine, the Australian Multi-Cultural Book Review (AMBR) - a magazine nominated three times for the Human Rights Awards. We are currently expanding the list of subscribers and volunteer reviewers.
Manuscripts should be relevant to the cultural diversity of the Australian people.
Editorial Policy:
To appeal to a wide readership.
Poetry: No longer than 100 lines; booklength 70-90 pages
Reviews: Up to 1800 words.
Stories: No longer than 3000 words.
Articles: wide range of subjects (no longer than 2000 words)
Author: Be conscious of cultural issues.
Key: To generate understanding.
Text: Must not be moralistic, judgemental or didactic.
Not only Australian.
Relevant to issue proposed.
Relevant to international audiences e.g. (Australian Setting).
Suitable to genre.
Manuscript submission:
Unsolicited for AMBR: Closing Dates: 30/6 each year
plus short biographical note!;
For book-length projects: plus synopsis, CV, and manuscript assessment (see below) preferred.
On acceptance: IBM compatible disc.
Closing Date 31/3/2009 for the 2010 acceptance
All submissions: typed, double spaced on A4 paper,
Authors to allow at least 12 months for assessment.
Payment at present:
AMBR: Free electronic copy to Contributor.
Publisher's Reading and Handling Fee:
$100 for poetry submissions; $150 for novels. Please include cheque with manuscript.
We also offer Manuscript Editing and Assessment:
Please contact us for costs.
Printing Services:
Our associate company Lietelinna Press offers various levels of publishing and printing services. Please contact us for a brochure and/or costs.
Personal interviews:
There is a fee of $155.00 for writers who wish to submit and discuss manuscripts in person, of which $75.00 will be reimbursed if a contract is signed. Please make an appointment first.
Return of unsolicited Manuscripts:
Only when accompanied by adequately stamped, self-addressed envelope of a suitable size.